Welcome to Tucker Athletic Performance Training!

TAP is for athletes of all sports from ages 10 and up.


Here at TAP, we specialize in improving functional movements used in sports and everyday life. Our programs include injury prevention, plyometrics using a Vertimax, and strength training. Through these methods, athletes should see improvement in quickness, speed, footwork, jumping, and overall athletic explosiveness. For basketball and volleyball players, we go in-depth with approach jumps and jumping out-of-movement efficiently.


No matter what sport your athlete competes in, TAP helps to improve in whatever area is needed.

Injury Prevention

Mechanics and how the body moves is of the utmost importance when it comes to preventing injuries in sports.

Plyometrics using a Vertimax

It's not always easy to add resistance training with plyometrics. With the use of the Vertimax, we are able to load the body with resistance in nearly every plane of movement. (Video with examples found on Membership Page)

Strength Training

Strength training has taken many different forms throughout the years. We use the most functional approach geared towards how athletes move during sports. Whether you are age 10 or a professional athlete, you are capable of strength training.